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Buying a Pre-Owned Golf Cart is an Art...and a Science

The Golf Car Connection is an authorized Yamaha golf cart and Motrec industrial vehicle dealer. 

We offer Yamaha, Motrec and other popular golf cart brands including Club Car and EZ-GO for sale, lease, and export since 1981.

Golf Car Connection has learned a thing or two about pre-owned golf carts that we would like to share with you, our customer.  After all, we've been selling pre-owned (and new) golf carts for over 25 years.

buy golf cart accessoriesHow much should a good, pre-owned, 5-year old basic golf cart cost?

Currently a good pre-owned golf cart starts at $2,880.  If you are quoted less than that, send up the red flag - it could mean buy now, pay later.

What should you look for when buying a pre-owned golf cart?

Original Serial Number.  The serial number tells you how old the golf cart is. In our experience, a golf cart that does not have an original serial number may have been:

In an accident that bent the chassis (frame)
Found at the bottom of a canal

Whom should you buy your pre-owned golf cart from?




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