Top Reasons To Own A Golf Car Other Than Golf

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Have you been going back and forth on whether you should buy a golf car? There are a lot more reasons to own one than just golf. Add a few of these reasons to your pro list!

1. Getting around the neighborhood – Is your child’s bus stop not around the corner? Use the golf car to take them to and from. Plus add on an enclosure to keep everyone dry on those rainy mornings! Do you have a large neighborhood? Decorate your car for Halloween and take it around trick or treating! Plus use the car to get to the neighborhood clubhouse or pool. Maybe even up to the corner store.

2. Large Property – Do you love to garden but hate lugging the bags of soil or plant food out to your garden? There are utility cars such as the Yamaha Umax built just for that! If you have animals it is also great to carry food and supplies out to their enclosures. With a utility bed and easy unlock for dumping this utility car has it all!

3. Recreation – Do you love to go camping or fishing? A golf car is a great outdoors vehicle. There are even ones built for this such as the Yamaha UMAX Rally 2+2. This allows you to drive through any terrain while getting around your campsite or fishing spot.

4. Affordability – Golf cars are an affordable option compared to a car. An electric vehicle can be way more than the average budget allows but an electric golf car can be as low as $3,000 used. Golf cars come in both gas and electric and offer the flexibility of low gas consumption.

5. Work Vehicles – Do you own a company that could use the flexibility of a golf car? Do you work for an apartment or condo association where maintenance equipment needs to be transported? Does your work complex spread a large distance and having a golf cart to go between departments would save time and therefore money? All of these are great reasons for businesses to use golf cars!

6. Storage – Golf cars take up so little space you can easily store them in the garage or a storage shed. You can even keep them on a patio if needed. They are also easy to transport due to their size. A 5′ x 7′ trailer will easily transport one wherever you need it.

Last but not least golf cars are fun! You can customize them for what you want and need. Including decorating them for parades and holidays!

If you’re in the market and have any questions please contact us. We sell new and used Yamaha products to view our current inventory please visit our website. If there is anything you like but do not currently see it in our stock feel free to reach out and we can get you a quote!

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